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Transportation Logistics Software:

Free Trial

Interested in a One Week Free Trial?


We offer our prospects the option to try release versions of our transportation logistics software for one week before making their final decision. Release versions are the latest versions of our products being used by our customers. Free Trial users will be able to use all the features of the products with their data at their own convenience during the one week period and evaluate the software per their requirements before deciding on licensing.  


After installing the trial version of any product, call 704-481-8614 for the authorization code, which is required before you can start using the software.  The authorization code can also be emailed if the input codes (Code1 and Code2) displayed in the authorization dialog are emailed to us.  In either case, the authorization dialog has to be left open until you receive the authorization code from us.  


Please fill out the form below so we can call you and provide authorization for the Free Trial.  Fields marked with (*) require input.

After receiving your information we will contact you with download instructions and authorization code to activate your one week Free Trial.

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