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Route Planning Software: ParaTrans Router


ParaTrans Router is a vehicle routing and scheduling software application built for paratransit industry and more specifically for Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry.  It allows you to focus more on running your operations than figuring out best way to route your service calls and schedule your vehicles.  Interfacing with Microsoft MapPoint and ALK Technologies’ PC*MILER suite, ParaTrans Router provides superior mapping, geo-coding, and path finding capabilities.



  • Routing capabilities include optimal Pick and Drop sequencing (e.g., P1, P2, P3, D2, P4, D1,...), zone routing, and handling of pickup and drop-off appointments with user defined slack times.

  • Resource scheduling function helps determine optimal schedule for vehicles and drivers.  Scheduling provides visibility to work load for available resources and plan for additional service calls as appropriate.

  • Options for mileage and time calculations include proprietary, PC*MILER, and MapPoint to provide superior speed, mapping quality, and flexibility.

  • Outputs include summary and manifest reports, route maps, turn-by-turn driving directions, and equipment utilization Gantt charts providing text, geographic, and spatial views of vehicle routes and schedules. 

  • Extensive data export options allow for interfacing with other systems.

  • Quick and easy implementation.  Understanding of and working with ParaTrans Router requires less thanone day of training.



  • Route planning and dispatch tool for transportation providers in Para-transit industry.

  • Route planning for operations with in-transit pick and drop shipments.

Route Planning Software

Coming Soon.

We offer our prospects the option to try full versions of our transportation logistics software for a week before making their final decision. Free Trial users will be able to use all the features of the products with their data during this period and evaluate the software per their requirements before deciding on licensing. 

Review the ParaTrans Router Data Sheet for more details on Features and Benefits.

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