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Transportation Logistics Software

Logistics Optimization Software:

Transportation Planning Tools


We offer transportation logistics software in the areas of Vehicle Routing & Scheduling (multi-stop and truckload), Continuous Move Planning, Fleet Sizing, and Resource Scheduling. 


Supply Chain Planning


For Supply Chain planning, we provide tools to optimally locate facilities and match supply to demand.  All the tools are Windows based and are compatible with Windows 10, Server 2008/2012.  Our customers include carriers, shippers, private fleet owners, 3PLs, freight brokers, logistics software companies with complementary products, Management Consulting companies, and independent Supply Chain consultants.


All our logistics optimization software tools are offered in both perpetual and subscription licensing models.  Our release schedule includes two releases, one major and one minor, per year.  Major release includes enhancement requests from users while minor release addresses ongoing bug fixes. We also offer a one-week Free Trial of all our transportation logistics software so our customers can try the tools before deciding on licensing.


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Logistics Optimization Software
Routing and Scheduling Software

Continuous Move Planner (CMP)® is a truckload lane matching and/or tour-building tool that can generate optimal matches of truckload moves to create continuous moves.  CMP can be used for strategic lane matching, tactical planning of truckload movements into continuous moves, and backhaul matching to outbound loads.  CMP can also be used to match any point-to-point (e.g., inter-plant shuttles) movements into continuous moves.

Paradox Routing Tool (PART) can help with distribution network design, territory planning, shipment consolidation and carrier mode selection, and vehicle routing and scheduling.  PART also has a fleet sizing module to help determine driver and vehicle requirements. 

Transportation Logistics Software Companies

Lane Match is a tool that can generate optimal matches of backhaul movements with shipments to improve asset utilization for carriers and private fleets.  This Windows based application can be used to evaluate candidate matches of given transportation capacity with required freight movements and is a perfect fit for freight brokers and agents who have lane information for capacity and freight.

Routing and Scheduling Software

Transportation Resource Scheduling Tool (TRST) is a fleet sizing tool that can generate optimal Tractor, Trailer, and Driver schedules for a given dispatching scenario.  It can be easily interfaced with other routing, TMS, as well as on-board computer systems.

Paratransit Routing Planning Software

ParaTrans Router is a vehicle routing and scheduling application built for paratransit industry and more specifically for Non Emergency Medical Transportation sector.  It allows you to focus more on running your operations than figuring out best way to route your service calls and schedule your vehicles.  Interfacing with Microsoft MapPoint and ALK Technologies’ PC*MILER suite, ParaTrans Router provides superior mapping, geo-coding, and path finding capabilities.

Supply Logistics Optimization Software

Supply Assigner is a decision support tool that can help optimally match / assign supply to demand for a given set of sourcing and fulfillment locations, resulting in the lowest fulfillment cost.  This tool is also available as a Windows DLL that can be incorporated into any Supply Chain planning application.

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