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Route Planning Software

Routing and Scheduling Software: Paradox Routing Tool


Paradox Routing Tool (PART) is a Windows based routing and scheduling software that can help with distribution network design, territory planning, route planning, shipment consolidation and carrier mode selection, and vehicle routing and scheduling.  As a route planning tool, PART considers order and vehicle information, DOT regulations, and customer service level requirements to generate vehicle routes and schedules using powerful optimization algorithms resulting in least distance and cost.  Interfacing with Microsoft MapPoint and ALK Technologies’ PC*MILER suite, PART provides superior mapping, geo-coding, and path finding capabilities.



  • PART’s Site Selection tool provides decision support in determining locations for an optimal number of facilities given the distribution of demand. 

  • Shipment consolidation and carrier mode selection supports Private Fleet, Truckload, Multi-stop Truckload, and LTL modes.

  • Routing capabilities include multi-stop closed loop and one-way routing, zone routing, and handling of backhauls.

  • Resource scheduling capabilities include driver and truck scheduling including estimating required number of resources and their assignments to routes.

  • Shipment frequencies, vehicle restrictions, customer service windows, multiple depots, product types, and vehicle types are some of the key constraints supported.

  • Benchmarking and ‘what if’ capability.

  • Options for mileage and time calculations include proprietary, PC*MILER, and MapPoint to provide superior speed, mapping quality, and flexibility.

  • Outputs include summary and manifest reports, route maps, turn-by-turn driving directions, and equipment utilization Gantt charts providing text, geographic, and spatial views of vehicle routes and schedules. 

  • Extensive data export options allow for interfacing with other systems.

  • Quick and easy implementation.  Understanding of and working with PART requires less than one day of training.



  • Facility location analysis to determine location(s) for required facility(s) based on center of gravity analysis.

  • Route planning for private fleet operations to assign shipments to routes optimizing total distance and vehicle capacity.

  • Route planning for shippers and carriers to plan consolidation of LTL shipments and create multi-stop TL routes.

  • Resource scheduling to estimate required number of drivers and trucks and assign them to routes for dispatch.

  • Bidding tool for carriers to plan responses for fleet operation bids.

“PART has enabled us to quickly and effectively determine resource requirements for projects. Its quick setup and versatility have been key in allowing us to efficiently analyze several different scenarios as conditions in the field change. The interface is easy enough to use that a fleet manager can fine tune solutions periodically. PART has become a valuable part of our solutions toolkit."


David Dust 
Director of Engineering 
BNSF Logistics, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

We offer our prospects the option to try full versions of our transportation logistics software for a week before making their final decision. Free Trial users will be able to use all the features of the products with their data during this period and evaluate the software per their requirements before deciding on licensing. 

Review the PART Data Sheet for more details on Features and Benefits.

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