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Transportation Logistics Software Network

Paradox Software Partners


Paradox partners with logistics software providers, logistics consultants, and trucking associations. These partnerships serve the following objectives:

  • Enhance our transportation logistics software with the add-ons from complementary software vendors.

  • Improve our market reach to get in front of our target customers through alliances with companies or professional groups already serving those markets.

  • Combine forces with other logistics software companies to improve the breadth of software offering from both companies.


ALK Technologies helps companies, mobile professionals and individuals successfully adopt and benefit from the latest transportation and travel technology. Motor carriers, shippers, railroads, utilities, logistics companies, and business professionals have turned to ALK for their PC*MILER routing, mileage, mapping and cost-calculation products. Paradox's products come with built-in interfaces to the PC*MILER suite of products.


Zero Waste Logistics provides customers with transportation services, advisory management services, and support.  The professionals at Zero Waste Logistics are transportation practitioners specializing in finding inefficiencies in freight spend and implementing bottom-line savings to make businesses more profitable.  Zero Waste Logistics is a Paradox customer and Value Added Reseller.





Tompkins International Supply Chain Consortium


Intermodal Association of North America (IANA)


Transportation Logistics Software Partner
Logistics Optimization Software Partner
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