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Transportation Logistics Software:Transportation Resource Scheduling Tool


Transportation Resource Scheduling Tool (TRST) is a fleet sizing tool that can generate optimal Tractor, Trailer, and Driver schedules for a given dispatching scenario.  This fleet logistics optimization software tool is a Windows based application with an extremely user-friendly interface.  Problem setup and solution generation requires minimal user interaction virtually eliminating the learning curve on the system.  A great value-add for transportation management, TRST is designed for fleet operators to provide resource scheduling capability.  In a transportation management solution it can be easily interfaced with other routing and/or TMS software. 



  • Supports benchmarking of existing fleet schedules to optimize and compare "Before" and "After" schedules.

  • Powerful scheduling algorithms to generate optimal resource schedules.

  • Schedule Gantt charts allow for view/configure/print and also manual modifications.  Outputs also include schedule reports. 

  • Data Management module to view, sort, and edit Route data in text form.

  • Data exports to feed other execution systems. 

  • Quick and easy implementation.  Understanding of and working with TRST requires less than one day of training. 



  • Optimization software for truck fleet operators to estimate tractors and trailers for a given dispatch scenario.

  • Benchmark existing resource schedule and compare to optimal.

  • Bid optimization tool for carriers and 3PLs to estimate fleet requirements.

"We deliver over 400 routes a week and make around 1100 deliveries. We have been using Paradox's TRST tool to model the utilization of our equipment and Drivers for about 3 years. It has been instrumental in assisting us in minimizing the number of resources needed to run our day-to-day business. 


"I highly recommend TRST for companies looking to improve the management of and/or reduce the resources they use to deliver product."


Glen Keysaw
Routing Supervisor
Associated Food Stores

We offer our prospects the option to try full versions of our transportation logistics software for a week before making their final decision. Free Trial users will be able to use all the features of the products with their data during this period and evaluate the software per their requirements before deciding on licensing. 

Review the TRST Data Sheet for more details on Features and Benefits.


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