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Routing and Scheduling Software

Routing and Scheduling Software: Continuous Move Planner (CMP)®


Continuous Move Planner (CMP) is a truckload matching and tour-building tool that can generate optimal matches of point-to-point movements to create continuous moves while meeting user defined objective (e.g., minimizing empty miles).  This Windows based transportation logistics software can be used for strategic lane matching, tactical matching of truckloads, matching back hauls with outbound loads and several other transportation use cases.  Problem setup and solution generation are quick and easy for any level of users resulting in an out-of-box solution.  Interfacing with PC*MILER suite, CMP provides superior mapping, geo-coding, and path finding capabilities. 



  • Supports network design with historic data to determine patterns of lane matches.

  • Tactical continuous moves can be built for truckloads, inter-plant shuttles, and backhauls.

  • Accommodates multiple objectives for continuous move planning including deadhead minimization and net yield maximization.

  • Robust optimization engine to process any number of lanes to create optimal continuous moves.

  • Data views include independent lists of loads, continuous moves, matched, empty, and unmatched legs for easy access to view and edit.

  • Visibility to empty movements to help with bidding for lanes that improve loaded miles.

  • Output forms include summary and manifest reports, route maps, and equipment utilization Gantt charts providing text, geographic, and spatial views for continuous moves.

  • Extensive reporting and data export options (for interfacing with other systems).

  • Quick and easy implementation.  Understanding of and working with CMP requires less than one day of training.



  • Lane analysis for carriers to evaluate their networks for continuous move opportunities to deploy dedicated fleet.

  • Truckload matching for shippers and carriers to build continuous moves reducing deadhead and improving asset utilization.

  • Bid optimization tool for carriers to estimate optimal cost.

  • Match backhauls to outbound routes for private fleet operations to improve asset utilization.

  • Evaluate domicile locations to support driver recruiting.

For more details on applications of CMP click here.

“Continuous Move Planner (CMP)® is one of the most important tools in my design tool kit.  For the person who wants to design continuous moves, this is the application to have.”


Bob Gibler,

Logistics Engineer

U.S. Xpress

We offer our prospects the option to try full versions of our transportation logistics software for a week before making their final decision. Free Trial users will be able to use all the features of the products with their data during this period and evaluate the software per their requirements before deciding on licensing. 

Review the CMP Data Sheet for more details on Features and Benefits.

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