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Logistics Optimization Software: Supply Assigner


Supply Assigner is a decision support tool that can help optimally match or assign supply to demand for a given set of sourcing and fulfillment locations, resulting in the lowest fulfillment cost.  As part of the overall supply chain planning, the tool has great value-add in optimal supply assignment.  It is available as stand-alone Windows application and also as Windows DLL that can be incorporated into any Supply Chain Planning suite of applications.



  • Robust optimization engine to process any number of sourcing and demand points to create optimal matches.

  • Works with a user defined assignment cost matrix and generates assignment solution with lowest cost.

  • Provides APIs to easily integrate into any Windows application.

  • Can be used to solve problems in several industries including transportation and telecommunications.



  • Distribution network with sourcing and fulfillment locations with balanced supply and demand facing the problem of optimal supply assignment.

Supply Logistics Software Companies

We offer our prospects the option to try full versions of our transportation logistics software for a week before making their final decision. Free Trial users will be able to use all the features of the products with their data during this period and evaluate the software per their requirements before deciding on licensing. 

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