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Transportation Logistics Software:

Case Studies


Our Logistics Optimization Software at Work

Continuous Move Planning

Learn how a TL, LTL, Dedicated transportation and Critical, Hazmat, and Government and Mexican service provider used our Continuous Move Planner, a logistics optimization software, to improve engineering productivity.


Facility Location

Read details on a mid-sized retailer's use of PART, a transportation logistics software, to identify a second candidate distribution location, evaluate reduction in transportation cost, and weigh it against costs of operating the second facility.


Routing and Scheduling

Read about a third party logistics company's use of our routing and scheduling software in providing supply chain management solutions for Gap, Inc.


Shipment Consolidation

Use of PART results in significant Outbound and Inbound shipment consolidation for a National Carrier's network.


Fleet Sizing

Associated Food Stores stays competitive by reducing transportation asset costs with TRST, transportation logistics software by Paradox.


Supply Assignment

Paradox Supply Assigner, a transportation logistics software, solves distribution problem for dairy company, resulting in savings of over $30,000 per week.

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