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"We recently engaged Paradox Software Consulting (Paradox) to help with responding to a 40 million dollar RFP for a leading fresh products retailer. Given the aggressive timeline for responding to the bid, Paradox's team worked round the clock in completing multiple iterations of analysis which involved routing and scheduling...(full text)"

- Edward L. Kern, VP Pricing & Network Strategy, Covenant Transportation Group

Logistics Planning and Optimization Software


Paradox Software Consulting offers software and consulting services for planning and executing Logistics and Supply Chain Management functions for organizations of any size. Our transportation logistics software tools feature unique functionality, robust optimization capabilities - including powerful heuristics and algorithms - and extreme ease of use.  They are used for decision support and operational execution.  


Our customers have been able to develop more competitive bid proposals in half the time and generate a minimum of 5 to 10% more utilization of their transportation assets by using our logistics optimization software.  In current market conditions where trucking capacity is in high demand our customers who are some of the leading trucking companies in the U.S. are able to handle the surge in bids they need to turn around as shippers seek long-term contracts even if at a higher cost. 


With an extremely short learning curve, reflected in new users modeling within two hours of installing the software, payback period for the tools is days or weeks.  From a consulting standpoint, our products reduce design turnaround time significantly and add value to projects handled by logistics or transportation consultants.


Logistics Optimization Software Functionality


Current logistics and supply chain planning functionality of our logistics optimization software includes:


  • Facility Location - determine locations for distribution facilities and analyze demand for distribution network design.

  • Vehicle Routing and Scheduling - route and schedule trucks for private fleet, dedicated fleet, and Less Than Truckload (LTL) operations.

  • Paratransit Routing and Scheduling - route and schedule vehicles and drivers for paratransit and more specifically for Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) operations.

  • Shipment Consolidation and Mode Selection - consolidate LTL shipments into Full Truckload (TL) routes and determine optimal mode of shipment.

  • Continuous Move Planning - match TL shipments, inter-plant movements, or outbound and inbound loads to minimize deadhead (empty miles) and improve transportation asset utilization.

  • Lane Matching - generate optimal matches of back haul movements with shipments to improve asset utilization for private fleets.

  • Fleet Sizing - determine tractor, trailer, and driver requirements to support dispatch operations and/or bid development for truck leasing.

  • Supply Assignment - match supply to demand to reduce overall fulfillment cost.

About Us

Transportation Logistics Software Companies

Our company was founded in 1998 by Robert L. Glenn, a Logistics industry veteran with over 30 years of experience.  While operating as a logistics consulting company, we discovered that affordable logistics optimization software to assist the logistics engineering process did not exist.  We set out to develop the required planning tools and in developing them for our internal use, it became a natural extension of our business to offer them to others.

Find how U.S. Xpress implements continuous move planning to design multi-million dollar solutions

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