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  • Bhushan Veerapaneni

Where are the Savings in Continuous Move Optimization?

A common question we field from our prospects who are interested in deploying continuous moves is regarding the potential return on investment (ROI). To provide a data-backed answer to this question we compiled the below from our customers who have been using our Continuous Move Planner (CMP) tool for few years.

Savings for Shippers:

Savings for Carriers:
  1. 5-10% increase in asset utilization

  2. ~50% of the network is converted to continuous moves with 75-90% load factor (if time windows are wide enough)

  3. Predictable work load for drivers

  4. Improved network efficiency by filling empty lanes of OTR network thereby increasing asset utilization and operating margins

  5. Deliver assured capacity to customers

  6. Develop national team runs for coast-to-coast hauls

Developing and deploying continuous moves is win-win for shippers and carriers as they share the cost savings. Not all lanes can be candidates but the bigger the network the better the opportunities to optimize. A purpose-built tool like Continuous Move Planner (CMP) can help identify those opportunities quickly and efficiently.

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