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  • Bhushan Veerapaneni

10 Questions Continuous Move Planning can answer for a Shipper or Carrier

Continuous move planning plays a significant role in the success of truckload operations of any shipper or carrier and directly impacts its bottom line. But understanding of applications of continuous move planning and use of tools that can facilitate its implementation have been limited. To bridge this gap we created a whitepaper that describes the concept of continuous move planning and dwells on its applications. This whitepaper draws on our extensive experience gained from creating software that can enable continuous move planning and helping our customers solve their transportation problems from both shipper and carrier perspectives. It also explains what to look for when selecting software tools to implement continuous move planning, either strategically or tactically or both.

If any of its content catches your attention, you can request a demo of our CMP product. In addition, be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up with the latest industry news.

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