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  • Bhushan Veerapaneni

Covenant Logistics Selects Paradox's Continuous Move Planner

Covenant Logistics, a leading provider of logistics and transportation solutions to help customers engineer value driven supply chains, selected Paradox Software Consulting's Continuous Move Planner (CMP)® to support transportation network optimization, dedicated transportation RFP analysis efforts, and optimizing truckload operations of one of their major customers.

After a detailed evaluation of the offerings of industry leading logistics optimization software vendors, Covenant Logistics selected CMP for its strategic and tactical truckload optimization capabilities, ease of use, and value for its price. With only two-hours of online training, Covenant's engineers were able to use the tool, reinforcing Paradox's value proposition of rapid deployment and quick ROI. We look forward to an engaging relationship with Covenant's team to further enhance CMP.

If any of our white paper's content catches your attention, you can request a demo of our CMP product.

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